10 Secrets to Better, Stronger Orgasms

Being one of those women who have natural orgasms or never faked one, is lucky. This is because there are hundreds of women who have to fake an orgasm quite a times due to any reason. If you don’t fake it but still have those questions in your mind like will this is be any good? How it is going to happen? This too is same like faking one.
You know the good thing about it is you are absolutely not meant to have mediocre sex all the time, when you can take good control over the situation. Everyone wants a little more, a little stronger and better. Following are the 10 best ways that will help you have better, longer and stronger orgasms and you can thank us later!

10 Secrets to Better, Stronger Orgasms

1. Reduce Stress:

Sex is absolutely amazing to reduce stress. Next time when you feel too stressed up or tuckered out, try to change the language you speak or at least the meaning you meant. Instead of saying that I am feeling so wiped out for sex, try to say I am so wiped out, I should have sex. Saying this can immediately make you feel like it is the most energizing and strengthening for overall mood and health.

2. Harder is not always better:

Getting harder or propelling is not always something that gives immense pleasure while having sex. Near the openings, the nerves are super sensitive in vagina, so it is better to have shallow and slow penetration and do this with the head of the penis. This is the best way to soothe and calm a women while having sex and help her have better orgasm and that too make a guy happy as well.

Stronger Orgasms Tips

Credit: womenshealthmag.com

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