Diabetics Foods List: The 15 Best Foods to Control Diabetes

6. Berries

Berries are natural M&Ms, which aren’t just sweet, colorful, tender, convenient, juicy and satisfying but they are also loaded with lots of antioxidants and fibre. Red and blue color in berries contains special compound called anthocyanins. Which is known for reducing blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin production. Put some in your cereal bowl, or smoothies, or eat them raw, they are as delicious as nothing can be.

7. Broccoli

Broccoli is fibrous and filling along with lots of antioxidants, especially vitamin C. It helps in regulating blood sugar levels in the body because it is rich in chromium, a compound considered ideal for treating diabetes. Add baked broccoli as a side dish, broil in soups, use in pastas or just Sautee in butter or olive oil and enjoy delicious crunchy side dish.

8. Carrots

Have you ever heard about carrots raising your blood sugar? If yes than do not believe on this vague statement. The amount of sugar carried by carrots is extremely low and it transforms into the blood sugar as soon as it enters in your body. Carrots are the nature’s gift that contains lots of beta-carotenes, incredible antioxidant that treats and prevents many diseases including diabetes. This reduces the insulin resistance in the body and strengthen the immune system and improves vision. You can consume carrots raw, boiled and baked. They are great when added as a side dish.

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