Diabetics Foods List: The 15 Best Foods to Control Diabetes

9. Chicken or turkey

Chicken and turkey are all proteins and high-fat disasters that tastes great. Benefits of chicken or turkey all depends upon the process of cutting and preparing them that either they are going to benefit you or not. If you cook them in lots of oil and butter or high fat sauces then these might add more sugar without providing any benefit but if you bake them with all natural veggies and beans or grill them with brushed olive oil than this could be great evening meal. They too include proteins that will keep you fuller for longer and reduces the sugar levels in blood.

10. Eggs

One of the most inexpensive, amazing and high quality food, which is super loaded with proteins and all healthy nutrients that won’t ever let your cholesterol raise, and will keep you fuller for longer and will also aid in insulin resistance problems. Eggs are easy available and easy to prepare. You can just put them in water boil and eat with sprinkled salt, mix it with veggies, in soups, fry them for breakfast and you can use them at any time with whatever dish. But consuming eggs in breakfast is highly recommended.

11. Fish

Eating fish a week can reduce your risk or developing diabetes up to 40%. It is also known as one of the deadliest fighter for diabetics. Fishes are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that fights with inflammation, which is a major reason behind many diseases and it also reduces the insulin resistance and prevents diabetes. Not just this fishes are rich in healthy nutrients that fights with many diseases and strengthen the overall human body system.

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