Chocolate Cake with Raspberries

As the winter approaches, the baking temptation is rising day by day. Everyone around us seems to be imagining taking out a hot mold from the oven and tasting the hot heaven they created to enjoy with their afternoon tea. The question is what ...Read More

Dangerous Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

With fitness consciousness on the rise, many of the young adults today are seen very particular about their weight. Salads and low calorie food have become a trend in hipsters. People are also found boasting about Atkins and other diet plans. Many executives hit ...Read More

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Juice

Eating right can be difficult at times, but drinking right is always easier. You may not like the taste of many oil free meals and leafy salads but you are definitely going to like all the green juices that are very good for your ...Read More

Do Spicy Food Really Trigger Labor

A myth about spicy food and labor is circulating now a days, which consuming some specific spices or spicy food by a pregnant women, will trigger her labor. Is that really a myth or there is something true about it? Logically there is no ...Read More

Incredible 11 Health Benefits of Papaya

Papayas are found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and originated from Mexico and somewhere from Central America. At first people were unaware from its hidden benefits and treated only as a vegetable but later as the World grows and awareness spread ...Read More

Olive Oil Prevents Cancer, High Blood Pressure

Olive oil is generated from fresh olives mostly located in Mediterranean regions. People in this region have healthy skin, hair and hearts. May be it’s because they use plenty of original olive oil in their diets. It is very important for all of us ...Read More

Parsley Herb: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Parsley, an herb abundantly found in the Mediterranean region carries a lot of nutritional weightage. It is fragrant herb and has flat-leaf variety. Apparently, it resembles coriander. The biological name of this herb is Petroselinum crispum. But why exactly would we make you spend ...Read More

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