Proven Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

In today’s day and age, sedentary lifestyle had become prominent. Most of the young executives spend their entire day and sometimes night as well, sitting in front of a laptop. This has yielded a lot of money in their lives, at the expense of their de-shaped bodies and growing obesity. Now the key to lose weight in such a scenario is to do something that is super-efficient – efficient enough to help them shed pounds without much effort. No, the answer does not lie in some magic wand. It lies in magic potions – JUICES!!! Here are the top 3 juicing recipes for weight loss.

Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

So if you are a weight loss aspirant, then you need to keep these juicing recipes in mind.

The Green Machine

Juicing Recipes Weight Loss

As evident from the name, it is a green drink and includes every benefit of green ingredients. You can drink it all day. Most importantly you can enjoy it in your free time. It is low in calories and rich in antioxidants, so it is everything you need! Try to choose a juicer which is masticating enough to squeeze the ingredients wholly. This is one of the healthiest drinks

Ingredients: One bunch of kale, one stick of celery, juice of one lime, one Avocado, half bunch of spinach, half bunch of chard, a smaller bunch of parsley, two carrots and one cucumber.

How to prepare: Want to experience the green machine? Follow the instructions given below

STEP 1: Squeeze the lime juice, and put it into a collection jar

STEP 2: Add ice

STEP 3: Juice all the greens, including Avocado

STEP 4: Mix it all up


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