Top 17 Calcium Rich Foods that are Natural Fat Burners

2. Blackstrap Molasses

Whenever you crave for sugar, it is best to go all natural. Blackstrap molasses are rich flavoured and darker in colour as compared to the regular molasses and they are loaded with more calcium and plenty of vitamins. Plus they are tastier, sweet and become more flavourful when it is added to other dishes. It is used to make brown sugar and drizzle them on pancakes for great taste.

3. Kale

Kale is superfood rich in plentiful of antioxidants and calcium. It can be used as a base of any kind of salad in shredded strips, it can be consume as baked chips and as a sautéed side dish. For the spring time dish, kale is combined with avocados and apricots for tastier dish.

4. Almonds

Don’t like almonds? Are you nuts? If you don’t grab handful of almonds every day, you are missing some very important nutrients from your life. They are most nutritional nuts among all of them and contains healthy calories. Almonds contain lots of calcium and potassium along with iron and vitamin E. Make sure you are watching portion size. You can make your own almond butter, sprinkle them in desserts or salads, and add them in smoothies or any of your favourite dish.

Almonds are one of the highest calcium containing foods as one serving contains 457mg of calcium. They are also loaded with so much of proteins. Almonds reduces heart diseases, strengthens the memory, improves brain functioning and also aids in weight loss. Almonds are definitely a win-win food for overall health. Grab some almonds for afternoon snack with green tea for quick boost of energy and nutrients.

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