Top 17 Calcium Rich Foods that are Natural Fat Burners

8. Soybeans

One cup of soybeans contains 175mg of calcium. They provide enough amount of calcium to the body and fulfils the requirement while making your dinner healthier and tastier. Calcium deficiency can cause some serious damage to the health so in that case, soy beans can prevent that danger but make sure the soy beans you are consuming should be 100% organic.

9. Firm Tofu

There are lots of people that doesn’t know what actually tofu is. Let me explain that. Tofu is made up with boiled, grounded and dried soybeans, it has meaty texture and is great alternative of meat for vegetarians. It contains fats and plenty of proteins and calcium off course. Tofu makes a great dinner as it provides adequate amount of calcium. Caramelized tofu is one of the great option for tofu dinner.

10. Spinach

Remember Popeye used to eat spinach to have quick power attack? That wasn’t just cartoons because spinach is incredible green leaves that contains lots of nutrients like lots of iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K and manganese. People all over the world rely on the nutrients provided by the spinach. Every 100g of serving contains 145g of calcium, which is enough to fulfil the requirement.

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