Top 17 Calcium Rich Foods that are Natural Fat Burners

11. Dried Figs

Dried figs are tastier and healthier as they are another best source of calcium that contains 241mg of calcium in every 13mg or a fig. Small servings of dried figs include lots of calcium and they can go long way to fulfil the daily requirement of calcium by the body. Indulge them in sweet desserts to load it with lots of fibre and potassium along with calcium as well. Figs are sticky but they can strengthen your bones and teeth.

Top Calcium Rich Foods

They are also rich in magnesium that maintains and improves the muscle functions and keeps the heartbeat steady and strengthen cardiovascular organs. In the list of foods rich in calcium, dried figs holds great rank.

12. Rhubarb

Rhubarb is labelled a vegetable but it should be considered as a fruit. But despite the identity problem, it is a solid source of calcium that includes 348mg of calcium in one cup serving.


Another dairy product, cheese is rich in calcium and proteins that fulfils the daily need of calcium and proteins. Cheese can be high calorie food when combined with burgers or other junks but types of cheese like cottage cheese are great snacks for energy boost and protein and calcium powerhouse.

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