Top 17 Calcium Rich Foods that are Natural Fat Burners


When we talk about calcium rich foods that too which are non-dairy, the list in not complete without BOK CHOY, which is a leafy vegetable often called Chinese cabbage. One cup of shredded Bok Choy contains 74 mg of calcium with only 9 calories. It is also loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C and is available throughout the year.


Yogurt is a dairy product that contains good bacteria which is good for your gut. A single serving of yogurt contains 400mg of calcium and lots of proteins. It is available in many flavours plus you can also blend berries with yogurt to make your own low-fat fruity yogurt.

16. White Beans

White beans from legume family are light and creamy plus they are great source of iron and calcium. They can be added in pasta with other veggies plus you can make white bean salad or you can also make your own customized hummus with white beans instead of chickpeas.

17. Canned Salmon

Canned salmon is perfect and great to go. All the calcium in salmon holds in the bones so it is best to go for canned option because during the canning process the bones becomes softs and can easily be mashed with the meat. For the quick calcium and omega-3 boost have some salmon cake or have some salmon dinner.

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