10 Vitamins & Supplements for Memory and Focus

Different nutrients like vitamins and minerals which we consume along with our food, enhance our energy, brain functioning, and memory. Since the human body is composed of various systems, these nutrients work together to stimulate the growth process and ensure the proper functioning of ...Read More

Benefits and Side Effects of Herbal Medicine in Sports

The trend of using plant-based treatment or herbal medicines has changed over the past few decades. These herbal medicines contain various active ingredients such as phenolic compounds, alkaloids, and terpenoids. These ingredients are well known for enhancing the muscle strength and body mass. Recently, ...Read More

8 Best Vegetarian Salad Recipes

Years back, there was a time when vegetarian salads were labelled as tomatoes and lettuce and people use to comment that ‘who orders a veggies salad in a restaurant?’ But time is changed now because of some great chefs and food enthusiasts. Vegetarian salads ...Read More

20 Foods To Lower Uric Acid Level Naturally

Uric acid is a waste product that produces in the body during the breakdown of purines. Purine gets out of the body through urine. But its presence in the body causes the higher uric acid level in the body. Purine is present in many ...Read More

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