Try these 10 Home Remedies for fast Cold & Flu Symptoms


5. Honey-Onion Syrup:

Honey is the most widely used home remedy for common cold, flu and cough. It not only reduces the symptoms but also soothes the throat, runny nose and itchy tonsils. Antibacterial and strengthening properties of honey gives power to the immune system and aids is quick recovery. Same goes with onion. When these two items are combined, the duo makes the great remedy for nasty and irritated cough. Mix some onion water with honey and use slightly warm mixture 3 times a day.

6. Carrot juice:

Though carrot juice is not very common kitchen remedy that treats the common cold but it is one of the very useful and underestimated remedy that reduces the symptoms with great taste. Just get some fresh carrot juice and add a pinch of black pepper and drink immediately for quick boost of energy.

7. Ginger:

Ginger is one of the most used and beneficial herb that aids in fighting cold, flu and cough. Asian people have been using ginger since hundreds or thousands of years for its super amazing health benefits. Ginger has great aromatic taste with little peppery touch. You can have a fresh piece of ginger and chew with some salt sprinkle on it or steep it in water and have ginger tea or ginger supplements are also available in market. But it is better to use fresh ginger root for better results.



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