10 Home Remedies and Prevention Tips for Heat Stroke


  1. Buttermilk and Coconut Water:

Human body tends to lose lots of vitamins and minerals due to heavy sweating in hot summer days. And when heat stroke attacks the sweating becomes double. Buttermilk is enriched with lots of vitamins and minerals and is a good source of probiotics. Have some buttermilk every day to replenish your body with those lost minerals and vitamins. Similar to that, coconut water is a natural drink that hydrates the body in no time and balances the electrolytes naturally in your body.

  1. Juice of Coriander and Mint Leaves:

One of the easiest and very helping home remedy to bring down body temperature is to use coriander and mint extract with a pinch of sugar. According to Ayurveda experts these herbs has amazing cooling effects on the body. Due to these incredible cooling properties, coriander and mint water is considered as great remedy to treat heat stroke by decreasing menopausal heat and ruddiness. In fact, coriander water is also beneficial for soothing itchy skin and rashes.

  1. Tulsi Seeds and Fennel Seeds:

Tulsi seeds are being used in India for centuries as they considered this plant as a sign of spirituality and religion. Brew some tulsi seeds in rose water and drink twice after straining the mixture. This will cool down your body to great extent and you will feel it right away. Fennel Seeds are also known and used as a cooling spice. Just soak few of them in water at night and strain the mixture in morning. Drink this with a pinch of sugar and salt to taste and this will act as a guard to prevent your body from heat and will cool down your body temperature.


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