10 Home Remedies and Prevention Tips for Heat Stroke


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is strong in nature with bitter taste and very strong smell but it comes with lots of benefits. Just add few drops in plain water with a teaspoon of honey and drink in the morning to keep your body temperature normal. This will also fill your body with those lost minerals and electrolytes. Due to heavy sweating in summers, our body losses minerals like magnesium and potassium and these can be stored by consuming this drink. You can also add few drops of apple cider vinegar to your favorite juice to minimize the strong smell and taste.

  1. Aloe Vera Juice:

Aloe Vera is incredibly high in minerals and vitamins. It is also known as adaptogen because it boosts the natural ability of the body to adopt external changes and boosts the body’s defensive mechanism. It stabilizes the body’s functions and keeps the temperature normal. In fact, some herbal experts also says that Aloe Vera juice is being used to treat prickly heat and heat stroke.

  1. Sandalwood Paste:

Sandal wood is another healthy powder that helps in lowering high body temperature and for soothing irritable and itchy skin. Heat in summers make our skin look burned and dried due to dehydration affecting too badly. Mix some sandal wood powder with rose water. Apply the mixture on your chest and forehead to bring down the body’s temperature.

You can also massage raw powder on your forehead. Applying sandal wood and milk paste on your skin will return the lost natural oils on your skin and it will look properly hydrating and clear.


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