These 10 Herbs Can Save Your Skin- Natural Herbs for Beauty


3. Lavender:

Lavender is also antiseptic in nature, which is too very soothing. Skin problems like infections, burns, skin sensitivity and psoriasis can be easily treated with lavender. Add few drops of lavender essential oil in spray bottle along with distilled water and spray on your face.

4. Basil:

Pollution makes our skin less lustrous and dry, causing pre-mature aging, wrinkles and fine lines, which is not acceptable for anyone of course. To fight with this problem, take some crushed basil leaves and mix them with hot cup of water and let it steep for a while to have strong basil tea. Let it cool completely than wash your face with this tea and let is stay on your face for a while. This will detoxify your skin completely and will work as a deep cleaner skin toner.


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