10 Weight Loss Solutions that are Permanent

8. Stick to your routine

Having a routine and sticking to it is the best thing you can do. If you actually don’t follow a routine you might not be able to see the expected results. After controlling diet and exercising, setting up the routine is the fore most things you can do.

9. Increasing the intake of water

Staying hydrated is a very important aspect for losing weight. You might have heard of drinking ice-cold water, that result in weight loss, this is probably because body burns calories in order to warm it up. You need to drink 8 glass of water in cold weather and 9-15 glass of water in warm weather every day. It flushes out toxic and extra metabolites and improves your appetite and this reduces your surge for extra food.

weight loss solutions

10. Coconut Oil as fat replacement

In early 1970’s and 80’s, saturated fat was considered to be the main cause of obesity. Although coconut oil is saturated oil. But it has medium triglycerides chains that effectively utilizes the energy and therefore is not stored immediately into fats. In addition to this, just plain coconut oil is an unbelievable appetite suppressant. This is almost scary, but truth is this powerful ingredient actually works 100 percent. However, it is important to keep in mind like the rest oil coconut oil consists of certain calories too, such as 9 calories per gram. So if you are already adding oil to your food and then again topping up with coconut oil, it will bring no change to your body loss.

Most people do not keep the estimate of calories they consume every day. They do eat a fix amount of food. In this case, you can add 2 spoons or 30 grams of coconut oil to your food. Ultimately, replacing your cooking oil, and it will reap tons of benefits for you.

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