20 Best Foods For A Healthy Liver


16. Asparagus:

Asparagus is an incredibly great natural diuretic that aids in body cleansing process and partaking the detox burden of the kidneys and as well as the liver.

17. Olive Oil:

Naturally organic oils such as hemp, olive, and flaxseed oil offers amazing support to the liver by providing the body with a liquid base that can help the body to remove the toxins and hazardous chemicals.

18. Alternative Grains:

Foods which are rich in gluten like rye and wheat impose pressure on the liver and slows down its production of enzymes. So in order to prevent such situation switch to gluten free items like millet, quinoa and buckwheat etc.


19. Greater Celandine:

This is an ancient herb that is being used since so many years. It is known as the most powerful herb that clears the liver in all good ways. This is used by ancient Romans and Greeks to cleanse the liver from unwanted substances and other liver problems. This herb stimulates the enzyme production from gallbladder and make your liver work fastly.

20. Globe Artichokes:

Globe artichoke has a compound known as caffeylquinic acid. It has very powerful liver restoring effects which are quite similar to milk thistle. This herb is usually sold as a supplement in form of capsules and is recommended to consume 300mg to 500mg in a day.

If you think you have some liver problem or if you are consuming any medicine for anything than before using any of these herbs or detoxifying foods in excess, make sure you consult your doctor first to avoid any kind of problem. Common foods like grapefruits and other citrus foods can react with many drugs. So, it is important to ask your doctor first. Pregnant women also consult your doctor before any cleansing process to avoid any discomfort.



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