22 Healthy Foods for Specific Body Parts

I have heard this quite a times that you are what you eat but I never thought that they literally mean this. There are some natural foods that closely resembles to the body parts and organs and they surprisingly affects those specific parts they look like. This is cannot be just a co-incident but nature’s gift to us and a hint that what can benefit us in what ways.

In today’s medical society, we literally ignore the culprit of the disease that might be the food we eat and largely depends upon the medications. But here is the list of foods that benefits the body in more unique way. They actually looks like the body part, they are good for.

22 Healthy Foods for Specific Body Parts

1. Grapes- Lungs Alveoli

Grapes exactly looks like the lungs alveoli and the resemblance in undeniable. Alveoli is basically the tiny sacs within the lungs that lets the carbon dioxide and oxygen to travel through the lungs and blood flow. Red or purple grapes are exactly the alveoli and including them in your regular diet reduces the risk of lung cancer, and many long term lung diseases. They can be consumed as they are or you can add them in other foods.

2. Walnuts- Brain

Walnuts are recognized as the incredible brain power food and to our surprise they have striking resemblance to the brain. Walnut are loaded with numerous antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid or vitamin B9 and more vitamin E than any other nut. Walnuts aids in absorbing the nutrients but it is important to wash and clear the walnuts from phytates. Walnuts strengthens the brain functions and enhances the memory.

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