6 Powerful Fat Loss Fruits for Fast Fat Burn


2. Strawberries

Our body produces a million hormones each day, but what if we start producing something that can actually stimulate our metabolism? Strawberries increase the production of a very specific hormone which increases the rate of our metabolism. Not only that, but strawberries also lowers our appetite. This shows us that strawberries aren’t only good for us because of their anti-inflammatory effects or anti-aging properties but also for magically reducing our weight.

3. Apples

We have all heard the famous saying that goes along the lines of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” but is that true? What I found truer is the saying “An apple a day keeps the gym away.”

Yes, you have heard it right, apple can keep you away from all those strenuous exercises and smelly gyms.
As said for specific hormones, there are also some specific bacteria that can be associated with weight loss. The good, non-digestable compounds for example fiber and polyphenols found in apple can increase the growth and production of that very specific and very good bacteria. So why not eat an apple a day? Or maybe two, or three.



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