8 Foods to Stop Buying and 8 Foods to Eat more


2. Fruits

Fruits should be the crucial part of our diet. It is equally important for all belong to any age group. They could be the best option for the dessert with the low calorie content and higher nutritious ratio. Next time you go for the grocery shopping then you must have to be aware of the nutritional fact of the fruits you are going to eat. What fruits you have to eat more and which fruits to stop shopping.

Top fruits;

 Fruits are best options to control your hunger pangs as they keep you energetic and fresh for the whole day. The top fruits are avocado, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, apple, all citrus fruits and many more. Avocado is one of the super fruit with its super health benefits. They are and amazing source of healthy fats such as mono saturated fatty acid. They are also great in providing your body with the fiber, vitamin B, E, potassium. It improves the immunity with the lowering of cholesterol level and prevent from cardiovascular diseases.

Berries with the dark pigment in it helps to act as a strong anti-oxidant. They provide you manganese, vitamin C and most importantly they are best in promoting collagen in the body. They have just 80 calories in one cup serving. Citrus fruits, apples and others are also very good for you to keep you active and fresh.

Worst fruit;

Fruits are never worst but what made it worst is the human intervention. Strawberries are best but when you pick the canned strawberries instead of freshly packed strawberries then the fruit comes in its worst form. You have to stop buying them. Same is in the case of the strawberry juice in the tetra pack packaging which is also not good for you. In both cases you are adding the extra sweetener, artificial flavors and preservatives.

Fruits also offered in the dry form are also not good for you as they are high in the calorie. One cup of raisin carries a lot more calorie as compared to the one cup fresh whole grapes. In this case you have to be aware of the portion size and the calorie intake. It is not about the dry fruits or nuts but fruits such as dried strawberries in the oven and then topped up with the sweeteners and flavors are available in the market.

They often named them as the natural candies but carefully read the nutritional value given on its label to actually know the nutritional facts. Instead of dried form of fruits the frozen form is much better. Fruits are freezes in freezer after harvesting and they almost have the same nutritional value in this as the fresh fruits having no syrup and sugar topping. So, you can select the frozen strawberries rather than the dried one.



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