8 Foods to Stop Buying and 8 Foods to Eat more


6. Grains

Grains are must for you but still people are skipping them to lose weight and improve their health. They are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

Top grains;

Whole grains are best and must to be added in your diet on regular basis. Ancient grain such as quinoa is nutritional power house. It is piled with the protein, fiber and amino acids such as lysine. It helps in burning body fat and losing weight.

Oats are also very good. They make you feel fuller. It is heart friendly which helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the body and losing weight. It carries a sufficient amount of omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, folate and potassium. Old fashioned oatmeal is best in all time.

Worst grain;

All grains in the refined form are not good for you. It includes white bread, pasta, crackers, pretzels and refined rice. In this form grain gets higher in the glycemic index. Also in this form sugar can be absorbed faster in the blood stream. In refined form the food offers less nutrition.

Sugary cereals are also not good option for you as they are also very high in sugar and glycemic index.



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