8 Foods to Stop Buying and 8 Foods to Eat more


7. Fats

It sounds bad because no one wants to be fat. But the fact is you need fat on regular basis but in a lower ratio. You just need few spoons of fat every single day to keep you look younger and regulate the proper body functioning.

Top fats;

Extra virgin olive oil is best in all type of fats. It reduces the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Olive oil is a natural anti-oxidant and more than that it increases the human body ability to absorb anti-oxidants from the vegetables. From now in your shopping you have to buy more extra virgin olive oil to get good health.

Worst fats;

Tran’s fats are very bad for you. They are mostly present in the fried food and as partially hydrogenated oils in processed snack foods. It increases the LDL level in body and lowers down the HDL level in the body. For food manufacturers they are inexpensive, lasts longer and easy to use but soon they are going to be banned in near future by the health authorities.

8. Snacks

Snack is very important and they are especially important in the grocery shopping list. These snacks could be anything you have to eat to control your hunger pangs. It depends on you what you select to eat at that time.

Top snacks;

If you want to eat something at the brunch time or late at night then you should select some nuts such as almonds, walnuts etc. they are very healthy and good for you. Sometimes you are not hungry but dehydrated actually. Firstly try to drink something to check that whether you really want something or not. In that case water is best of all. It is very important for you. With this you can have green tea or some juices also but not the packed one.

Worst snacks;

In this we will say stop buying instant soups for you. They are very high in salt and less in nutritious value. You should make your soup at your home to make sure you are eating healthy. More than that you have to stop buying junk food at the grocery store to make sure you are not eating them. It may be the pack of chips, sodas, chocolates such as snicker bars, ice cream and some other which are clear not to be good.



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