8 Natural Eye Care Tips for Attractive Eyes


5) Be active

Routine exercise can be very helpful in maintaining healthy body and eyes. It can delay the onset of macular degeneration and also strengthen the muscles of body and eyes. Exercising can also help you to lose weight which is also beneficial for healthy eyes. Being overweight can help developing diabetes which can result in diabetic eyes and glaucoma, which can result in complete loss of vision.

6) Wear safety goggles

Wearing safety goggles can reduce the risk of eye injuries to a great extent. Protective eye wares include safety glasses and goggles, safety shields and eye guards that are designed to provide protection against certain activity. The lenses of certain protective eye wares are made up of polycarbonate rather than plastic and it is 10 times stronger than plastic. It has been estimated that wearing protective eye wares can reduce eye injury up to 90 percent.

7) Eat your greens

Eating healthy food can help in maintaining healthy body and healthy eyes. It strengthens the body’s muscles and bones. Healthy eating habits can also prevent serious eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Vitamin A, Carotenoids, Vitamin C and Bioflavonoid are all are a good source of nutrition for eyes. Eating green vegetables and fruits is helpful in establishing good vision as they contain Omega-3 fatty acids which prevent from serious eye disorders such as diabetic eyes, glaucoma and dry eyes.


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