9 Herbal Remedies for everything from your Garden


German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

These small and yellow flowers are delicate and apple scented, which are mildly effective in treating lots of ailments.
It is said by the herbalists that chamomile is one of the super herb that treats nervous anxiety, stress, stomach infections in kids and colic. German people uses chamomile tea for treating severe stress and anxieties.

Herbal Garden Allies

Herbal garden allies are easy to grow in your garden and is equally beneficial for everyone in the family. They attracts healthy insects like honey bees, repel harmful insects and some spread super delicious smell all around the house.

Make sure you choose plants that requires little light, water and temperature ideal to your garden. For example, mint and cilantro leaves are grown in cold temperatures while lavender, mullein and rosemary are best for warm temperatures.


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