The Dangers and Alternative Treatments of Melanoma


Stages of Melanoma and Survival Rate:

The survival rate is dependent on many factors like the stage, location of a tumor, type of tumor, availability of resources, quality of treatment, gender, age etc. all. These factors contribute towards the efficiency of treatment and increase the survival rate. Following are the survival rates according to the stage of a disease.

Thin melanoma: it is local melanoma. Its five years survival rate is 100%. it is the stage 1 melanoma.

Thick melanoma: It is also local melanoma. Its 5 years its survival rate is 85%. Thick melanoma is the 2nd stage of skin cancer.

Nodal metastasis: It is the 3rd stage of skin cancer. Nodal metastasis is also of local type.  Its 5 years survival rate is approximately 50%.

Distant metastasis: It is the 4th and last stage of melanoma. Its survival rate is only 10 to 15%. Survival also depends on gender and other factors.

Medical Treatment:

Melanoma is very dangerous but the good news is that it is treatable if it is detected in the early stages. At first, its treatment starts from surgery. Surgical removal is effective if the melanoma has not spread too much. If surgery is not effective any more than other treatments are given to the patients. These treatments include

Radiotherapy: Treatment with the help of radiation.

Chemotherapy: Treatment with the help of chemicals.

Targeted therapy.

Nutritional Treatment:

Having the proper nutrition and good exercise is very beneficial to prevent any kind of disease including tumors and cancers. A good diet will provide enough nutrition to prevent infections and to cope with infections naturally. In addition to this, persons who are going through different therapies will gain the adequate amount of nutrition to recover quickly. Anti-oxidants in food help to destroy harmful cells which are termed as ‘free radicals’. These free radicals are responsible for developing cancerous cells in the body.

Exercising daily will help to make body active and healthy. Sweating helps to prevent many diseases. It reduces fatigue and makes a person strong to cope with different treatments.

Prevention of melanoma:

Melanoma or skin cancer can be prevented by following some simple and easy methods of prevention like

Wear clothes which cover all uncovered areas properly like arms, hands, legs, feet etc. properly.

Avoid too much exposure to the sun. This is the best way to prevent the development of skin cancer. However, exposure to the sun is important for the production of the vitamin in the body.

Vitamin D is produced earlier than getting sunburnt. So the point is, don’t completely avoid the sun but prevent unnecessary exposure.

Avoid tanning beds as they one of the biggest source of skin cancer

Try to use sunscreen before going outside.

Notice your skin care if you see any change in the skin consult with your doctor because such changes should not be ignored at any case.


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