Diabetics Foods List: The 15 Best Foods to Control Diabetes

Entering into the supermarket and rolling your shopping cart doesn’t only mean buying stuff and having fun, when you do this you are actually making a decision about your health and life. This means you are actually choosing between either you have to become a dupe or a winner. Whatever you put in your cart will define either you are going to compromise with diabetes or you are going to control it or beat it. For this reason we have gathered healthiest foods that will help you beat diabetes. From now every time you go to get grocery keep the list in your mind. In fact, add this list in your permanent grocery list and ask your favorite store’s delivery guy to bring these items at your place every week as a permanent grocery list.

Scientists has proved this that making few diet changes in your life, like eating less refined carbs, more fibre, plenty of proteins, good fats and healthy nutrients will leave your blood sugar controlled, lower cholesterol, and also reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Have a look at the list and include these foods in your everyday diet for greater benefits. These are called diabetics foods list to help your cause.

Diabetics Foods List: 15 Best Foods

1. Apples

Apples offer so many health benefits, put it in your core diet and enjoy greater health. This fruit is rich in fibre, low in calories, and contains lots of vitamins and healthy nutrients. The fights with LDL (bad cholesterol) and regulates blood sugar. Granny Smith and Red apples are known as one of the world’s best fruits with lots of disease-fighting nutrients and antioxidants.

Eat whole apple as a whole without peeling for best benefits or you can make plenty of delicious apple dishes that include quick apple bake, apple pie, apple cake and what not. Cop 2 apple, sprinkle some cinnamon and bake. Serve with honey drizzled over it for great taste and benefits. You can also add them in breakfast oatmeal bowl.

2. Avocado

Avocados are rich and creamy with lots of health benefits. They contains monounsaturated fats that aids in insulin resistance, regulating good and reducing bad cholesterol level. Good fats diet adds in controlling blood sugar level and blood pressure. Use avocado mash in place of butter or mayonnaise because it doesn’t only contains lots of benefits but it also tastes delicious. Put an avocado piece over a sandwich, use in salads or eat raw, it has equally amazing benefits in either ways.

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