Discover The Most Common Phobias, Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Phobias are getting common and the fact is sometimes the people are unaware that they are having some phobia.  It starts with organizing your life in such a way that you avoid your object of fear. A person with the phobia immensely needs to clear all those objects which trigger their anxiety.

What is Phobia?

It is a type of anxiety disorder with the unfounded fear a person experience for something like place, living objects or circumstances.

Types of Phobias

In some cases the phobias are so intense that the imagination of the situation or even thinking about the phobia is upsetting. There are different phobias some of the types of phobias are given as under.

There are three main phobias which are given in detail. First two phobias are social phobia and the agora phobias. These are more complex and linked with the deep rooted fear and anxiety about certain situations making them much more disabled in their regular life.


1. Social phobia

In this phobia patient feel anxiety for being in social situations like weddings, parties, get together and different festivities. Social phobia is not the same as the shyness you feel in the public. It is more severe form and for the patient it is unbearable and difficult to be in the social events.

Social phobia creates the feeling of being judged by the other people and the distress of humiliation and embarrassment for the sufferer. It is also named as the social anxiety disorder. This disorder may leads to the depression development because of the isolation. According to the psychologist there is an increase in proportion of the adults suffering from the social phobia. These adults take measures in their teenage to avoid such social situations.

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