Eat these Nutritious Foods and Avoid These Foods


Prepared low-sodium gravy mix

On holidays or occasions either thanksgivings or any other, we always have so much to do and so much to prep for. And because of time shortage, prepared gravy is what we need. If you ever purchase prepared gravy than always go for low-sodium version of the package that has 1g of fat in every 1/4th cup of serving and 25 calories.

Fresh cranberry relish

Fresh cranberries are always available in the supermarkets so it is better to go for fresh stuff. Prepare your own cranberry sauce and control the calories and ingredients according to your own choice. Add less sugar and use low-fat ingredients to accompany your bird. ΒΌ cup of homemade cranberry contains 12g of fats and 67 calories as a whole.

Baked sweet potato topped with brown sugar and pecans

Baking small sweet potatoes in oven is the easiest way to do and you can top them with crushed walnuts and brown sugar can add all the delicious taste and nutrients to the dish. This contains 12g of sugar, and 2 g of fats as per one sweet potato with 138 calories. When you place this dish on the table you are actually placing lots of nutrients like vitamin C, beta-carotenes, antioxidants like lycopene and potassium.


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