Eat these Nutritious Foods and Avoid These Foods


Sautéed green beans

Marshmallow filled sweet potato casserole is one of the essential dish on thanksgiving dinner table but let’s make it little simple. If you also choose this dish for the dinner table than skip the green bean casserole and go for sautéed green beans and top those with fried onions to enhance the look and taste. You can also use 1 tsp. of butter on each green beans cup because this won’t add more calories. But it will have 6g of fats, 2 g of sugar and 91 calories each cup.

Lightened cornbread stuffing

As compared to the traditional version of cornbread stuffing, the lightened version provides 30% of lesser calories. This is made up with half butter and half fat-free buttermilk. This will have 10g of fats, 6g of sugar and 319 calories per one cup serving. Still quite less than the traditional version.

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is an important and essential food you should be preparing for the holidays and dinners because this won’t only add beauty to the table but add nutrients as well. One slice of pumpkin pie that is 1/8th part of a 9-inch pan pie, contains 27g of sugar, 9g of fats and 265 calories per slice.


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