Eat these Nutritious Foods and Avoid These Foods


Avoid This:

Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast won’t let you eat less or make you lose weight plus by doing this you are not actually skipping on calories but you are actually inviting more and more calories into your body. Heading to the thanksgiving dinner is absolutely not a good idea and a huge faux pas. Overly echoing empty stomach can lead to overeating and it will want all the food on the table as soon as possible and this will minimize the logical thinking and you won’t be able to make smart choice about the food you should and shouldn’t be eating.

3-ounces turkey breast with skin

3 ounces of dark turkey meat with skin on it contains 5g of fats and 147 calories. This doesn’t sound too much, right? And seems okay to have some but remember this is a thanksgiving dinner and you have to make smart choice about managing your calorie intake. Having 150 calories from just one food is just not a good idea because you will end up filling yourself with more and more calories. 150 calories from one food is okay when that’s your total calories for the night.

Traditional gravy mix

Traditionally prepared gravy mixes contains lots of sodium spices and lots of calories off course, so it is better to avoid them and go for low-sodium version of the gravy mix. One ¼ cup serving of traditional gravy provides 131 calories and 9 g of fats, which is not a good idea when you have to combine this with more fats and calories.


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