Eat these Nutritious Foods and Avoid These Foods


Canned cranberry sauce

Homemade cranberry sauce contains 67 calories and the same amount of canned cranberry sauce contains 106 calories and 26g of sugar and fats. The difference is almost the double, plus it also contains preservatives that may have some more calorie content in the sauce plus they are not always healthy as they might contain some harmful chemicals as well. So isn’t it better to make your own sauce at home with controlled ingredients, especially the sugar content to minimize the double effect of calories. Plus your guests will love your creativity of making everything at home.

Classic sweet potato casserole

Classic sweet potato casseroles are loaded with marshmallows because everyone wants the one with more and more topping so you might made all of them with more topping. This one little cup of classic sweet potato casserole contains 9g of fats, 78g of sugar and 558 calories. Isn’t it too much for one little serving? I mean you might end up over-filling yourself with so much of extra calories and will ruin your healthy eating plan.

The amount of calories and sugar they contain is 4 times more than the baked sweet potatoes topped with brown sugar and pecans and the fats are ½ times more than that. The choice is yours.


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