Top 10 Health Benefits of Mangoes

  1. Strengthen your bones

With only one cup of mangoes you get the 8% of the daily value of vitamin K. The deficiency of vitamin K in the human body leads to the higher risk of bone fracture. This vitamin is also important for the absorption of calcium in the body. Moreover mangoes are also the source of calcium which is again important for the bone health.

  1. Balance blood sugar level

According to the recent research it is proven that mangoes help in maintain the blood sugar level amongst the obese adults. It is also studied that the mangoes controls the glycemic level with the management of blood sugar level in the body.



  1. Control blood pressure

Mangoes are rich source of potassium and magnesium but low in sodium. Sodium is known to be the silent killer as it affects the body blood pressure in the wrong way. About 70 million American adults are suffering from the high blood pressure. Mango has positive effect on the high blood pressure and helps in lowering the blood pressure naturally.

  1. Lower cardiovascular risks

In mangoes you get soluble fiber that naturally lowers the cholesterol level. With the soluble fiber it has high level of pectin, other vital nutrients and low in sodium. All the factors collectively play an important role in lowering the cardiovascular risks.




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