How to Increase your Sexual Confidence


4. Stop being so responsible:

Feel the responsibility as far as you are going safe with sex but if you aren’t feeling like having sex, this is absolutely not your fault and you shouldn’t be feeling responsible. It’s not yours or anyone’s fault if you aren’t feeling good about sex because sexual response is all unconscious behavior that comes right from the mind. So you should be relax about it, instead of feeling guilty.

If my stomach aches or I’m sick, this is not my conscious behavior, I mean I didn’t do this with myself as this is an automatic response. So if you feel any of this and feeling low for sex than this is normal you shouldn’t be feeling guilty of ruining anything because unconscious behavior is something not in your control. So be relax and let your partner be relax.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself happy, unhurried, relaxed and excited for making love to your partner. Repeat this process three four times a day to improve you condition.



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