Low Sodium Foods – Guidelines For Low Sodium Diet


For your more convenience we made a chart in which we show how much sodium is present in different fruits and vegetables in one serving. If you are very strict with the sodium intake as suggested by your doctor then it will be very helpful for you. The amount of sodium present in different fruits and vegetables is given in an average and the amount may vary with certain food items.


Serving Sodium mg
Tomato 1 medium 11
Canned tomato ¾ cup 660
Avocado 1 medium 20
Eggplant raw 1 cup 2
Eggplant cooked 1 cup 4
Broccoli raw ½ cup 12
Broccoli cooked ½ cup 40
Spinach raw ½ cup 22
Spinach cooked ½ cup 63
Sweet potato 1 small 12
Mustard greens ½ cup chopped 12
Celery 1 stalk raw 35
Potato 1 baked 7
Peas 1 cup 4
Fruits Serving Sodium mg
Apple 1 Medium 1
Apple juice 1cup 7
Grapes 1 cup 2
Grapes juice 1 cup 7
Orange 1 medium 1
Orange juice 1 cup 2
Apricots 3 medium 1
Apricot dried 10 halves 3
Grape fruit Half medium 0
Grape fruit juice 1 cup 3
Banana 1 medium 1
Dates 10 medium 2
Strawberries 1 cup 2

Cereals and grains

Grains are cereals are considered to be the high calorie food and first food item to cut if you want to lose weight. The fact is cereals and grains are not unhealthy until, unless they are available in the refined form. They are the main energy source to the human body. In the table we differentiate the low sodium and high sodium grains and cereals options.

Low Sodium Foods

Low sodium cereals and grains High sodium cereals and grains
Whole grains, pasta and rice but don’t add salt in it while cooking Pizza, salted croutons and crackers
Ready to eat cereals, muffins Pancake mixes and waffle mixes
Unsalted popcorn, low sodium tortillas and noodles Packed stuffing and processed mixes for pasta, rice etc.


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