Low Sodium Foods – Guidelines For Low Sodium Diet



Soups available in the instant packaging, carries the most salt in it. It is always recommended to make your soup mix at home. Even you add salt in it generously, it would be still low in sodium as compared to the ready to use soup mixes available in the market. If you are still buying the soup mix from the market then you need to pick the low sodium options given in the table below.

Low sodium soups High sodium soups
Homemade soups with the minimal salt Regular canned soups
Low sodium canned soups Seasoned ramen mixes, cup of noodles

Soup mixes might not taste too salty but in reality they are high in sodium beyond your imagination in the table you can check the sodium quantity.

Food Serving Sodium mg
Canned soups 1 cup 600-1300
Main frozen and canned dishes 8 oz. 500-2750

Fats and dessert

Fats and desserts are also required to the body in the limited portion just like salt. Try to make the minimal use of fats and artificial sugars in your regular diet as they just make you to gain extra weight and pressure to your body. Fats and oils are needed to be substituted with the healthy options to stay healthy. Some desserts taste sweet but they carry high sodium content in it. it is very important to be aware of the food content you are going to take in your body.

Low sodium fats and desserts High sodium fats and desserts
Unsalted butter and margarine Salted butter and margarine
Vinegar and homemade sauces and marinades Soy sauce, Bar.B.Q sauce, and other marinades
homemade salad dressings, mayonnaise Packed salad dressingsĀ  and dressings with bacon
Try your own recipe for cake and puddings Instant pudding and cake mixes

All the food items in the natural form have sodium in it but it is not too much. But the food present in packed and processed form is made under different manufacturing units. Sodium content in the packed food is different for different companies. The information given is used to make you aware of the range of sodium in food items.


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