How to make your Knees age proof? Useful Tips to Strengthen your Knee Joint


Tips to strengthen Knee Joint and making them age proof

Aging is the natural process and you can’t stop these natural phenomena. What you can do is adopting certain life style changes which help you to strengthen your knee joint.

  • Strengthen your knee muscle through exercise

In this modern high technology based life we all are spending most of the time in front of laptops or sitting on our office chair. As the movement is much restricted and knee is bend most of the time. It affects the knee health badly. The best way to increase the knee strength is by doing regular exercise. Exercise helps you a lot to make your cartilage with the ligaments and tissue age proof. But the most important thing is doing exercise in the right way.

Whether you are walking, jumping, squatting or skipping it must be in the right manner. In case of the squatting your knees should not cross your toe. And it should not be so low that you are parallel to the ground. It may harm your knee joint.

  • Lose weight

First thing you have to do is calculate your body mass index. If its value ranges from 18.5-24.9 then your weight is in the healthy range. If it goes beyond that range then it puts extra pressure on your knee. Losing weight helps to relief pain and pressure on your knee joint.

  • Improve mobility

Make it sure that you stay mobile most of the time. If your job is based on sitting most of the time then consults some therapist. You have to work on your posture and some changes in your life style. Use stairs instead of elevators and lifts. In regular intervals does stretching as it will help you to release muscle stress and body health.

  • Eat healthy anti-inflammatory food

When the joint is swallowed and inflamed it is very painful. Regular intake of the anti-inflammatory food in the diet helps to save your joint free form inflammation. These food includes fish, avocado, olive oil and some others.



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