How to make your Knees age proof? Useful Tips to Strengthen your Knee Joint


  • Increase the vitamin E and calcium intake

Spinach, broccoli, kiwi, mango and some other vitamin E rich food are very good for you. Vitamin E is linked with the hindrance of the enzymes that are linked with the break down of joint cartilage.

Calcium rich foods are milk, cheese, yogurt and some other which are crucial for the good bone health.

  • Take dietary supplements

Consult your doctor and take some calcium and other dietary supplements according to your body requirement. It helps to strengthen your bones and muscles and alternatively improves the age of your knee joint.

  • Support your knee

Last but not the least always tries to support your knee. Keep it safe from injuries. Whenever you lift weight bend your knees to disperse pressure. If you are gardening then use some bench or stool with the less height. Always wear a good quality shoes with the proper fitting. It helps your feet and knees to be in the comfortable position and saves from extra pressure.

These tips are very simple yet very powerful to change the fate of your knee joint. Adopting them in your life will surely help you in the long run.



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