Proven Health Benefits of Blackberries

Blackberries are sweet, tender and luscious fruit that can be hand fully eaten whenever you want to. They are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin C, fiber and low sodium count and very low in calories, approximately 62 calories per cup. It is ideal for weight watchers. Blackberries can also be used in baked items like cakes, puddings and biscuits and in salads or desserts. They tastes equally good in everything plus equally healthier to the body.

Proven Health Benefits of Blackberries

Proven Health Benefits of Blackberries

  • Antioxidants are always ideal for vascular health and prevents one from cardiovascular diseases. Berries are so full of antioxidants along with other vitamins, good for treating damaged heart tissues and preventing the damage before it happens.
  • Blackberries are the good source of minerals like potassium, manganese and copper which are good to increase strong bones metabolism.
  • Vitamin C in berries helps to absorb calcium in bones, making them strong and healthy as well as generating white and red blood cells.
  • Vitamin K in berries helps to reduce labor pain in women by tightening the mussels and clotting the blood cells in women. So it is a very good idea to make this miracle fruit part of your daily diet either in fruit form or juice.
  • Blackberries helps to fight viral diseases and kill bacteria that can cause crucial illness.
  • Eating blackberries prevents ageing effects in both men and women. By making their skin fresh and wrinkle free.
  • Neurological diseases can also be cures by eating blackberries that is the fruit increases brain activities and memory performance.
  • Blackberries provide minerals, calcium and vitamins that helps to fight cells causing cancer in human body. People having history of cancer or genetically cancer issues must make it a regular part of their life to prevent themselves from cancer and other crucial diseases. 100 grams of blackberries provide enough vitamin C necessary for a normal person.

  • Blackberries daily intake strengthen the immune system and helps the human body to fight against diseases like cold, diarrhea, gastro and other viruses.
  • Blackberries contains a fiber that helps to lower high sugar level in human body as well as providing enough sugar in take for the people suffering from lower sugar level. Which means it is ideal in both the conditions for diabetic patients to take a cup of blackberries every day or to drink a glass of berry juice every morning.
  • A type of ellagic acid is an anti-cancer and anti UV damage oxidant found in blackberries in abundant amount that helps to damage cancer cells and to prevent from sun damage.
  • Blackberries are full of fiber important for digestive system to work properly and prevents constipation.
  • Human eyes are sensitive to ultra-violent radiations, oxidative stress and high wavelength radiates. Blackberries have vitamins and anthocyanosides which prevents eyes from night blindness and blur vision.
  • Blackberries are not only useful as fruits but its leaves are also worth using for sore throat, oral application for treating injuries. Also for curing diarrhea.

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