Snoring Remedies: 7 Ways to Stop Snoring


3. Lose Weight:

It doesn’t mean only overweight or obese people snore, there are some very thin people who snore too. But if you don’t snore but started snoring after you have gained weight than weight loss might help you stop snoring.

4. Quit or avoid smoking:

The smoke of the cigarette disturbs the throat and nasal cavity lining that causes catarrh and swelling in it. And if the nasal passages gets jammed or blocked, it could cause trouble breathing via nose and could decrease the airflow causing snoring.

5. Keep the nasal passages clear:

If you keep the passage clear, you will feel less troubled and easily breathe via nose instead of your mouth. If you are suffering from any nose allergy that is preventing you from nose breathing, you should go for a nasal spray or anti-histamine pills. Plus you can also ask your pharmacist’s advice.



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