Snoring Remedies: 7 Ways to Stop Snoring


6. Change your Pillows:

Allergens and dust in your pillows and in your room can cause snoring. By dust, I don’t mean the dust around your tables’ etc. But the dust on your ceiling fan or spider webs on the high walls. And yes, when did you change your pillows last time?

Dust bugs lives in the pillows and they cause allergic reactions that leads to snoring. Not just dust bugs but when you allow your pets to rest or sleep on your pillow or bed them left their hair in the bed. And when you sleep on the same place, you will end up snoring. Because of common irritant, which is animal dander. If you feel absolutely fine throughout the day but congested while sleeping, then this could also be the reason of snoring.

All you need to do is keep your pets off the bedroom, replace your pillows every 6 months and put them in air-fluff cycle every 2 weeks to avoid allergens and dust bugs.

7. Keep yourself Hydrated:

When you drink less water and are often dehydrated the soft palate and secretion in the nose becomes tackier or stickier, causing you snore while sleeping. So it is recommended to have enough fluids throughout the day. According to the health institutes, it is recommended that a man should have 16 cups of water every day and 11 cups are recommended for the women to stay hydrated and avoid snoring.

After trying all these remedies, you should take care that your sleeping place is comfortable enough and you get enough sleep on your side, avoid so much alcohol consumption, and take hot showers or steam bath. All these easy home remedies can help you avoid snoring and leads you and your spouse to profound sleep.



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