Top 12 Mint Leaves Health Benefits and Side Effects


2. Strengthen Your Liver:

Gulping and slow workings of your liver makes you feel gloomy and dismal. Poor liver functioning also retains energy from the body. Fortunately, we have mint with its amazing health benefits. Another major health benefit of mint is, it behaves as a liver booster. Add mint in your daily diet in cooking, in drinks or chew it fresh, it will boost the working of liver simultaneously. Beetroot another basic ingredient too boost liver functioning.

3. Cool Your Body:

Mint has a strong cooling effects that cools down the entire system of the body with just few leaves. As it is a cooling herb, it is used in many soothing cosmetics, scalp care shampoos, and inflammation fighting lotions and creams for face and body. Eating mint leaves cools down your body temperature. When you are out in summers for any purpose have a drink made up of fruits and mint or blend few mint leaves with lemon juice, water, sugar and salt to prevent dehydration along with heated body plus it tastes great and soothes the sore throat.


4. Relieve Asthma:

Few people with asthma were advised to consume mint leaves and few were asked to stay on inhaler, people who consume mint leaves felt real relief and soothing relaxation. As a science research says that regularly consuming mint leaves is incredibly beneficial for the patients of asthma as it is a great natural relaxant and soothes congestion. Mint leaves are also rich in anti-inflammatory properties and high in antioxidants that soothes inflammation and prevents bacteria. Despite having rich in benefits, mint might cause irritation so don’t go crazy on it.


  1. Tanx for sharing these tips. I use fresh mint for my detox n dry ones for my tea. U ‘ve given me a lot benefits of this small herb. Tanx a lot.

  2. I used beets in a juicer once to heip my plugged liver. This mint would been good in there too. Who would have known a pain reliever for your liver. Also took milkthistle.


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