Top 12 Mint Leaves Health Benefits and Side Effects


5. Take Care Of Your Teeth:

Do you ever wonder why toothpastes contains mint extracts? This is because mint has some hygiene properties that keeps your teeth clean, protects from germs and removes foul smell from breath. Mint refreshes the breath after consuming onion or garlic dishes, it removes germs and bacteria from mouth that might cause cavity and cleans tongue and teeth along with whole mouth.

6. Stop Farting:

I know this sounds little embarrassing but its natural and we all do it from time to time. One amazing benefit of mint includes it helps us stop farting. Since mint aids in digestion so it helps stomach to make less gas and produce more bile. According another theory lemon juice also has same properties and it also helps lowering the high cholesterol levels.

7. Eliminate Mucus:

In some areas of health, mint behaves as a medicine as it encourages the body to remove secretion from lungs, airways, trachea and bronchi. It also promotes the drainage of secretion from lungs.

8. Defeat Cancer:

Like all other plant based nutritious food, mint is also believed to be rich in strongest cancer fighting properties. Mint contains varieties of enzymes that prevents several types of cancer and prevents inflammation due to cancer cells.

9. Kills Acne:

Mint juice is a jewel that treats acne and clears the skin from acne spots. Anti-inflammatory properties of mint fights infection, removes pimples and soothes the skin from acne pain. It also has wrinkles reducing properties that makes your skin look younger, fresh and glowing. Rub mint leaves on your face twice a day or add mint in your daily diet to see amazing results.


  1. Tanx for sharing these tips. I use fresh mint for my detox n dry ones for my tea. U ‘ve given me a lot benefits of this small herb. Tanx a lot.

  2. I used beets in a juicer once to heip my plugged liver. This mint would been good in there too. Who would have known a pain reliever for your liver. Also took milkthistle.


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