Top 12 Mint Leaves Health Benefits and Side Effects


10. Tasty Treat:

There is no doubt that mint tastes refreshingly great. Despite having hundreds of benefits, mint can be used in cooking, drinks, toothpaste and everything of your choice for its great taste.

11. Preventing Irritated Nipples while Breast Feeding:

Drinking water with peppermint extract prevent nipples from cracking.

12. A cure for IBS:

Leaves of mint are also beneficial for improving irritable bowel syndrome as these little leaves are super amazing when it comes to digestion.

Mint Side Effects and Cautions:

Mint is that little friend who is caring, friendly and loyal and always comes with number of health benefits. Some of the benefits are described above but it sometimes cause an allergic reaction as well. Especially if you are allergic to herbs like basil or oregano then you must be allergic to mint as well. In that case, mint is not your loyal friend and you cannot attain all the incredible benefits from these little leaves. As mint is an inflammation reliever but in some cases it might make the condition worse.

Though, these conditions are not very common but still if you feel such symptoms then consider visiting your doctor in order to prevent any other serious health problem.


  1. Tanx for sharing these tips. I use fresh mint for my detox n dry ones for my tea. U ‘ve given me a lot benefits of this small herb. Tanx a lot.

  2. I used beets in a juicer once to heip my plugged liver. This mint would been good in there too. Who would have known a pain reliever for your liver. Also took milkthistle.


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