Sweet Potatoes: 12 Health Benefits & Nutrition Breakdown


3.They are a good source of vitamin C:

Most of us know that vitamin C is an amazing nutrient that helps in fighting with common cold, flu and cough but do we really know other amazing benefits vitamin C has? Vitamin C is important for tooth and bone formation and strength, it improves digestion, and forms blood cells. Vitamin C is also known for quicken the healing of a wound, it also generates collagen, which is a compound that keeps the skin healthy and supple. It is also linked with helping in stress timings.

Sweet potatoes are one of those foods that contains lots of vitamin C though they aren’t citrus but excess amount of vitamin C makes them super healthy for the body. As they also aids in protecting the body from cancer and toxic materials that can cause cancer.

4.They are a good source of vitamin D:

Sweet Potatoes are loaded with vitamin D which is beneficial enough for immunity, healthy and stronger bones and teeth, healthy skin and what not? Vitamin is both, a vitamin and a hormone that we can get through sunlight and sweet potatoes. Have you ever heard of a seasonal effective disorder or SAD? This is a disorder associated with getting insufficient amount of sunlight and lacking in vitamin D. This can be treated with consumption of sweet potatoes.

Vitamin D is also important for increasing energy levels, boosting moods and building stronger and healthy heart, teeth, bones, skins along with supporting thyroid gland hormones.


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