Top 12 surprisingly Salty Foods and Risk on Human Health


2. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is considered to be packed with the protein and calcium. Low fat cottage cheese is good to have minimal calorie intake with enough protein and calcium. But did you know that one cup of cottage cheese fulfills 40% sodium requirement of the day. Basically it is a big sodium amount of 1000 mg sodium and should be substituted with the no-salt added cottage cheese. Greek yogurt is also a good option as it carries only 60 mg of sodium in one cup with the sufficient amount of protein in it.

3. Pancakes

Pancakes are everyone favorites to enjoy in your breakfast and brunch. They are sweetened in taste but actually have sodium in it. Homemade pancakes are good option but ready-made mixes and pourable mixes are not good for you. As we know that salt serves as the preservative and in all preserved foods sodium is present in sufficient amount. In a ready-made mix you can have 400mg of sodium per serving or it may be 700 mg for three pancakes.

4. Hot chocolate

If you are having chocolate cravings then the hot chocolate mix is considered to be the best option. There is present only 80 -100 calories in one packet of hot chocolate. But if we have a complete look at the nutritional facts then we came to know that it fulfills about 7-10 % daily food requirement of sodium. Now there is present some low sodium recipe for hot chocolate.

5. Cereals

Cereals are healthy breakfast meals but it may be salty if you choose the wrong one. It’s better to select the plain oatmeal cereal with fruits. There are some cereals which can provide 12 % of daily sodium requirement. Or in other words some cereals can have 180-300 mg of sodium per serving.


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