Top 12 surprisingly Salty Foods and Risk on Human Health


6. Chicken breast

Chicken breasts are often injected with the solutions of high sodium seasonings. So go with the brand which sell with the name of non-enhanced or check the ingredients list if it has salt then be careful. Organic chicken is a good option to avoid any extra intake of sodium and preservatives.

7. Sauces

We all know that the sauces use for the marinades and salad dressings are salty because they actually taste in the same way. But it must surprise you to know that only two table spoon of barbecue sauce carries 300 mg of sodium in it. In other words it fulfills 15 % of the daily sodium requirement. To control the sodium count in your food homemade marinades and dressings are good choices.

8. Frozen veggies with sauce

Frozen vegetables are good options to consume in your daily routine as they sometimes preserve more nutrients. Fresh vegetables may lose their nutritional content during shipping and storage. But if vegetables are immediately freezes after being harvested then they may save their nutritional content. But when you have vegetable freezes with the sauces then they get salty. Especially if they are preserved in the cheesy sauce then it may carry even more sodium in the recipe. One cup of frozen vegetables with the sauce may have approximately 500 mg of sodium in it.



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