Top 12 surprisingly Salty Foods and Risk on Human Health


9. Bagels

Bagels are the surprised servings of bread and one bagel can fulfill 19 % sodium requirement per day. Bread is probably the major source of salt in American diet. Whenever you have cravings for the bagel then opt for the thin bagel. In this way you can cut 50 % sodium.

10. Packed Baked items

We all love to try doughnuts, cakes and other baked items on our cheat day. They are sweetened in taste but they may have a sufficient amount of sodium in it if they packed. We already knew it that in the packaging method salt used as preservatives. These yummy treats are already packed with eth calories, fats, sometimes Trans fats and now also sodium. Then better say no to them. Homemade cookies and cakes are better to have rather than the packed baked items.

11. Soup

Soups are considered to be healthy and also filling. They are recommended when you have to lose weight. But wait did you know that a single serving of soup bowl can fulfill half the salt limit per day. If it is canned soup bowl especially, which you buy for your convenience. To cut salt from the recipe try it at home. In that case select the fresh herbs, some parmesan cheese and even some salt because it will surely be less than the salt added in the canned soups.

12. Veggie burgers

Veggie patties are made with lots of processed ingredients and added salt in it to enhance the flavor. A single veggie Pattie may have 400-500 mg of sodium. If you count the sodium content in the burger bread with cheese, pickle and condiments then the limit gets higher.


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